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29 December 2010 @ 09:23 pm
Shhh, Don't Poke the Internet.  
Very, very brief navel-gazing ahead:

I think this is becoming my favorite time of the year, the time where nothing happens.  No real news, no Internet fluff, nothing.

Not that stuff isn't going on, and generally it's the same stuff at the normal pace that stuff typically happens, but it's stuff happening without a hearty helping of drama.  Life just is, news just is, weather just happens without an "-ageddon" affixed to its butt.  And we dial down our (weird) fixation with preserving sandwiches for posterity on Twitter and Facebook* or whatever.

I like to think this would be the norm if we were generally satisfied with our lives.

Oooh, lint!

*Morning edit: Realized this could be taken as individualized criticism rather than a general statement, so if you are a passionate Foodie then replace it with whatever socially-networked behavior you personally can't really wrap your mind around, such as texting while ignoring the person sitting across from them at the table, keeping a public list of whichever music has come up in a playlist, or something truly ridiculous like keeping a home-improvement blog.