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20 October 2010 @ 04:28 pm
This Dog Is SMOKIN'!  
Me: Check out this Craigslist ad I found for a Labradoodle...

Brown: Oh boy.

Me: "Andy is a 4 year old Black Male Labradoodle. He is close to 80 lbs. He is a great dog that needs to find the right home. He is a very smart guy and he gets bored easily if he does not have something to do. He is going to do best in a home that is active and will make him part of it. He does well with other dogs, kids but cannot go to a home that has cats. He is a love bug that does not know his own size. He has been in kennels all his life. He is kennel broke, so house training should not be hard. He is going to also need some work on his house mangers. He walks nicely on lead and knows sit and come. I wanted to start him on house manners and his basics. But due to healthy troubles I have not been able to do that. I have had him for 4 months, He has not been neuter yet. But I need to find him ASP. If you think that he might be the dog for you please let me know. His re-homing fee is $75."

Brown: That reads like a Carfax ad.  Massive water damage NEW UPHOLSTERY!

Me: I'm wondering what type of person thinks this might be the dog for them.

Brown: Whoever they are, they're on fire.
Djinn the Spazz: Hoggledogdjinnthespazz on October 20th, 2010 09:36 pm (UTC)
First problem: Not nuetered? WTF? Yer gonna breed a hybrid dog to produce what? Super mutts? Yeesh.

Second: "He is kennel broke, so house training should not be hard."
Oh, that SO does not follow.

Third: "He is going to also need some work on his house mangers."
Oy. If he has mangers we need to get to meds, buddy. Ugh. Mange is not pretty.

Fourth: Oh, you guys don't need a list, I know.

Who knows, it could be a nice dog, with a decent rehome and six months or so of consistent work.

Who keeps a dog in a kennel for 4 years? Oh, yeah, breeders - backyard or puppy mills. Ugh ugh ugh. Poor dog.

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